45G Tax Credits

EKN has begun lining up buyers and sellers of tax credit miles for tax year 2023. If you are tired of paying more than $50/mile to complete your tranasaction, give us a call. Our price to arrange and document your transaction remains the same it has been for over 15 years……$50/mile to the seller and $50/mile to the buyer. We always get the market price for sellers and do not gouge railroads with broker fees of $200, $300 or more per mile.

Get a quote on buying/selling your 45G miles

If you would like to find out if EKN Rail can help you buy or sell miles, please enter your information below and we will contact you with detailed information about available miles and pricing. This information is confidential and we will not share your information with another buyer or seller until you have authorized us to do so.

Railroad Track Maintenance Credit

The Railroad Track Maintenance Credit, also known as the shortline tax credit or 45G credit, was enacted by Congress in 2004 and went into effect in 2005 (26 USC § 45G).  It acts as an incentive for shortline and regional railroads and the companies that use them, to maintain and improve their rail infrastructure.   It provides a tax credit for track maintenance and other qualifying infrastructure expenses for class II and III railroads and their shippers, and companies that provide materials or service to those railroads.

The tax credit provides up to $3,500 per mile for qualifying maintenance.  In addition to railroads and their shippers and suppliers being able to claim this tax credit, railroads may also be able to transfer their credits if they are not able to use all of them, or obtain credits from another railroad if they have a need for additional miles.

How could this credit benefit me?

To find out how the 45G credit might help your railroad, try our calculator.  By entering the number of miles of track you have and how much you spend on maintenance each year, you can see what you could get back on this credit, and whether you might benefit from trading some of your unused credits or obtaining additional credits.  Please be aware, this calculator assumes your railroad meets income and tax requirements to qualify for the credit.

How do I learn more about this program?

If you think your railroad or business could benefit from this program, or you want to find out if you qualify, you can review the Qualified Track Maintenance Credit Form from the Internal Revenue Service or view the official IRS regulations.

How can EKN Rail help me with the 45G credit?

EKN Rail Company has many years of experience in the railroad industry, specifically working with shortline railroads.  Using our extensive network of railroad and industry contacts, as well as government contacts, we can help you take advantage of this important program to make the investment you need for your track and your company.  We help our customers connect to utilize this fully-transferable tax credit by matching railroads and rail users who have made a qualifying investment but lack a tax liability with those who have a tax liability and may be able to use the credit.  We also advise our customers and assist them in completing the necessary assignment paperwork when transferring credits.

EKN has an attorney on staff, as well as a former United States Senate aide with many years of experience working with federal agencies under two administrations.  We have the contacts and experience to successfully help companies take advantage of the 45G tax credit.  Most importantly, we are transparent in our work and only charge a reasonable fee to our customers based on successfully completed transactions.

Whether your railroad or company already takes advantage of this credit or you are interested in using it for the first time, please contact us for more information.  We do not offer tax advice, but we can help you utilize the program if your tax advisor thinks you meet the requirements of the 45G tax credit.

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