• Double Tub Gondolas

    Double Tub Gondolas

    4300 cube, 286k GWR, Built 1995, Beth Gons, 200 cars available,  priced just over scrap; $10,000 each,  $0.00
  • Various Coal Gons for Sale

    Various Coal Gons for Sale

    Several large groups of coal gons for sale.  See below for specs and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. All double tub, Various build dates from the… $0.00
  • mill gondolas for sale

    mill gondolas for sale

    52' interior length mill gons, 4 1/2' sides', 2264 cubic feet, built 1981, 80 cars are 286k GWR, 100 cars are 263k GWR,  $20,500 each $0.00