Covered Hoppers

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    Small Cube Covered Hoppers

    3250 cft, 286k GWR, 2 pockets, 100+ cars available, $150 full service lease, depending on terms $0.00
  • Small Cube Covered Hoppers

    Small Cube Covered Hoppers

    3000 cubic feet,2 pockets,Trough hatches and gravity gates,263k GWR,Built in 1982,Just out of the shop,$13,000 each $0.00

Available covered hoppers include:

4750's; trough hatch; built 1978-1980; $7000-$8000 each depending upon year built; free move on some cars

3000's; round hatch; 268k GWR; 2 pockets; $200/month full service

3800 cube; 286k GWR; built 1975; round hatch; $11,000 each

5150 and 5250 cubic feet; 286k GWR; $325/month full service

3250 cube; 286k sand cars; $175/month full service